What To Look Before Buying A Dash Camera For Your Truck

What To Look Before Buying A Dash Camera For Your Truck?

The camera is available in a variety of designs and styles. In recent times the usage of the camera in vehicles has become popular. This is because it gives the evidence in case of theft or other reasons. The dash camera is the kind of camera that is used in the trucks or the other vehicles.

The fixing of the dash camera in the vehicle enables you to view the video footage of your driving and also it will be useful in various ways. It acts as the security for the car and also it makes you learn the flaws in your driving and also the other things.

Important things to note before buying the dash camera

Important things to note before buying the dash camera

Resolution of camera

The dash camera is available in the different video clarities. The pixel ranges vary from one camera to another. So choosing the dash cameras with the HD videos is the most needed one, you can also find the4k resolution video quality in the dash camera which will be more clear and so you can use it as the future reference.

• Size of the camera

The size of the camera and also the dimensions that are required for the purpose is the necessary one to watch. You should have to choose the size of the camera. And also you have to choose whether the camera is needed to be mounted in the front end mirror or rear end mirror. The dash camera can also be chosen for fixing in the side windows. This will be the best one for the drivers as this exposes their innocence in the driving and also remains as the security guard. The camera is fixed with the help of the suction cup or the adhesive tape.

• Display screen

The dash cameras are now available with the display screen which means that it is easy for the customers to fix the camera in the place correctly. With the help of this built-in the display you can quickly review the video footage without any electronic devices.

• GPS feature

GPS is the necessary one that should be included in the dash camera. This is because in the case of the accident your GPS will provide the speed, time of the brake, location and the others in the video itself by stamping at one end of the picture. This will be more convenient for the police and also for the insurance agencies to know about the details of the accident. So this means that you cannot use this GPS for the navigation purpose.

Running in battery or power supply

Running in battery or power supply

Some of the dash cameras run in the battery where as the some of them runs with the help of the power supply from the truck. So you have to purchase the cameras that run in both the modes. This will be helpful for you even if one of the supply gets failed. Even if the battery got failed then the camera runs for a few minutes and then shuts down with the help of the internal energy.

• Storage space

The storing of the video footage is the necessary one, when the memory card that is attached to the camera is having more space then the cam can able to store many video footage for a long duration.

• Night vision mode

Since not all the camera is available in the night vision mode only some of the cameras come with that future. So choosing the type of camera that is having the night vision mode facility is the essential one. You can able to capture the videos that are happened during the night time. it will be more clear and it looks like it is taken in the daylight.

• Parking mode

This is the mode that is required for the trucks so that you can view the things that happened during the parking time. This means that even when the vehicle is not running the camera runs to safeguard your vehicle.

• Loop recording

This is one of the features that are good in the dash camera. You can record the video over the already recorded old videos. This means that even though you are having memory space you have to have this facility to overwrite the old video with the new one.

• App control

You can able to view the video through the mobile that is supported with the ios and the android operating system with the help of the app. this is easy for you to view and download the footage immediately.



So when you want to buy the dash camera for your truck then you have to check all the above facilities in the dash camera. This will be the good one for you to get the high quality and also fewer costs dash camera according to the requirement.

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