Hi! I am Evelyn

Welcome to my Photography Studio

I have a gluten allergy and am passionate about Celiac Disease advocacy. The ever expressive Pickles Barrington, sweet Victorian lady Marmalade O’Hoolihan, and little Anchovy Evans are the furbabies who stole my heart.

I have an extensive Fine Arts background and can whip up a mean graphite portrait. I concentrated on 18th-19th century British Literature in college (hence the Austen obsession).

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Frequently Ask Question

1. How do we describe your style?

A photography style is a continuous pattern in the way pictures are taken by a certain photographer, that differs from and/or is unique to what others are taking…

2. Lighting and Wedding Photography?

Firstly, with regards to the studio lighting at the reception. We always used to check to see if there was a suitably large enough place near the main area or even in a separate room nearby to set up a backdrop and couple of lights.

3. How many weddings have we shot? 

The last thing any wedding photographer would like to hear from is that the photos are dull. I mean, I edit the photos, but not ALL of them. Once selected, I manually edit the best half and create a basic curves/auto colour batch process for the rest.

4. Do you have your own studio?

Yes – after working from three different studio spaces around and in city centre, I now work from a private studio in city.

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